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Unleashing Digital Brilliance: Meet Our Web App Wizards

At Expertizo, we are a passionate team of web app aficionados on a mission to redefine digital excellence. With a keen eye for design and a flair for innovation, we craft powerful and user-centric web applications that drive growth and elevate brands. Our relentless pursuit of perfection and commitment to cutting-edge technologies enable us to create seamless, scalable, and secure web experiences. Join us on this digital journey and unlock the true potential of your online presence. Let's turn your ideas into reality!


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Web App Development

Efficient, innovative web app development bringing your ideas to life with cutting-edge technology and design.

Blockchain Development

Empower projects with secure, transparent, and efficient blockchain solutions. Transforming industries through innovative development.

Mobile App Development

Crafting innovative mobile apps to elevate user experiences, transforming ideas into seamless digital realities.

Graphics Designing

Transforming ideas into stunning visuals - your partner for creative, impactful, and tailored graphic designs.


Master web & app development through our comprehensive training. Code, design, and deploy with expert guidance.

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We provide well designed & equipped spaces for training programs, meetings, conferances, workshops & other events

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Pinched is a mobile app here to revolutionize the agricultural job recruitment industry.

Bistro Chat

with BistroChat you can book a restaurant in Hong Kong within 10 sec! Just chat directly with the staff and confirm your booking.


Sesire is an inclusive content platform that enables Creators to customize the experience and monetization of their fan's engagement in a safe and easy way.


An online education platform that offers intro-level college courses online at a relatively affordable price


Stringr is a powerful remote video newsgathering solution for broadcast and online journalism.


Advanced Blockchain Timestamping for Uncompromising Data Integrity


Reliable open source software, providing the fundamental requirements for enterprise grade blockchain applications.


The website provides recorded lectures and one-on-one tutoring for a comprehensive learning experience./p>


Online Learning Platform


The NFT-based platform is a marketplace where users can buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is a non-profit association (Verein) based in Switzerland and the global industry organisation which advances Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Sphere Trax

SphereTrax is an unparalleled search engine for music, a carefully curated gallery of soundtracks and songs and an all-in-one solution for licensing music


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Ceo & Founder

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Store Owner

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Navigating your career journey.

INTERNSHIP Self Learning Experience

We are providing internship for those who have atleast clear idea of HTML, CSS, JS, PWA. This opportunity leads towards permanent job. You are required to show your best work in the above particular.

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React Developer 1 to 3 Years Experience

We are hiring those who have high level knowledge of Javascript, working experience and conceptual knowledge of React, Redux and Firebase.

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Project Manager 1+ Year Experience

As our project manager, your job will be to coordinate people and processes to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and produce the desired results. You will be the go-to person for everything involving a project’s organization and timeline. Preferred stack is MERN.

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